Muse in Common

Muse in Common is a series Public Art projects gradually revealed in China. We ONLY work with high level art projects and artists around the globe. The vision of the Muse in Common projects initiated with a genuine passion for the high art going to the general public and inject a soul in the cities of China.

The Chinese cities are actively building more livable and sustainable urban spaces, public art is the best form of art to engage people and give them another perspective to realize higher purpose in life or another way of living. Muse in Common will be acting as a harp, when one plug happens in people’s heart, their veins will vibrate a bit; continuously, it creates a permanent effect.

If you want to change the world, you need to change the people how to see the world, how they experience the world and how they act in the world. Muse in Common is one of a kind project in this direction.